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The following perennials are offered for sale in 2021




Zone: Hardy to 3

Conservation practices:

Description: 22" high, spreading plant. It has a blue-green leaf color, and a funnel-shaped, lavender flower that appears in July. Hosta will tolerate sun, and grows best in well-drained soils. This plant has an extensive root system, which makes it excellent for erosion control. It is also disease resistant.

Blazing Star

Liatris Spicata

Wild Flower

Zone: 4

Conservation practices: H

Description: A 2-5' tall spike of rayless rose purple (sometimes white) closely set flower heads in Aug or Sept. Prefers moist rich soil and full sun.

Apricot Beauty


Zone: 3-9

Description: 3-4' tall perennial. Mid-season bloom. With a double-flower that is two-toned organe with lightly ruffled petals. Works great for cut flowers and can also be used in a container.

Christmas Carol

Polystichum acrostichoides



Conservation practices:

Description: 29" high perennial. Early to Mid season bloom. Flower, Crimson velvet red with a green throat 5-1/2" bloom. Highly adaptable plant thriving in most soil conditions and will tolerate light shade. Drought resistant, almost disease free. Extensive root systems make this an excellent soil erosion plant.

Blue King Iris

Perennial Flower

Zone: 3-9

Conservation practices: N

Description: 28-35” plant with A light blue flower blooming early throughout June.

Snow Queen Iris

Perennial Flower


Conservation practices: N

Description: 18-24” pure white flower with yellow centers. Blooms late spring-early summer. 

Autumn Joy Sedum

Sedum spectable

Perennial Flower


Conservation practices: H

Description: Full Sun starting with broccoli-like heads in July come abundant 6” pale pink flower clusters, turning salmon-rose, then burnt red and finally bronze 24”. 

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