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Proper Care of Seedlings and Transplants

Before planting- Keep your plants cool, shaded and moist!

Post Planting Fertilizing:

- Teaspoon is all you need
- Apply at drip-line
- Granular disperse away from plant stem
- Tablet place 3-6" from stem
- Seedlings and Transplants need a thorough soaking, especially following fertilizer applications, plan according to the weather

Post Planting: Tree Tubes

Tree shelters create a micro climate and speed plant growth by trapping moisture and thereby raising relative humidity and ambient temperature inside the tube. Field studies show an increased growth rate of 150% with some species. Tree shelters maximize seedling survival by protecting them from animals, wind desiccation, some weed competition, power equipment, chemical drift, small rodents and insects.


- Objectives will differ with age
- Train trees at a young age


1. Remove dead/diseased limbs
2. Remove co-dominant leaders
3. Establish a lowest permanent branch
4. Select scaffold branches

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